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Learn Facebook traffic secrets from traffic secrets book

May 22, 2023 | 0 comments

In this blog we will learn FACEBOOK TRAFFIC SECRETS from Russell Brunson book traffic secrets.

Hey I am Syed sufiyan digital marketer and content creator

The topics we learn are-

  • Understanding the history and the goal
  • Find your dream hundred on this platform
  • Identifying your publishing strategy
  • Working your way in
  • Buy your way in etc

Checkout the video to learn Facebook traffic secrets





Let’s get started


In 2004, Marc Zuckerberg launched myspace

Mark’s launch strategy started by Harvard email address to get an account.
Then he slowly extended access to other colleges, everyone. At the time of this writing, Facebook has 2.9 billion users, and more than 2.1 billion people use one of Facebook’s core services, including WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger.

Facebook has a lot of scandals based on how they use their data and privacy it totally captures 50000 + data primes of customers like:  where they comment and what they like. which will help advertisers and marketers to show ads.

As Facebook tracks behavior of people’s, This gives marketer great opportunity to get leads,
If you know how to get shares, Five years ago videos were trending so if you get viral , you get millions of views and shares.

Facebook changed the algorithm because they want their investors to make money, so they changes algorithm , so to get more views and likes you have to run ad.


Facebook is constantly changing , so whenever Russel brunson find new platform he asks this questions:
– What is the goal of the platform?
– What is the strategy that I can use to help the platform with its goal?
– What are the tactics that the platform is rewarding people for right now?

For example – the goal of Facebook platform is to keep users on their platform watch videos so they can show ads as much as possible for the audience


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In Facebook you have to follow only people or influencers who are followed by your target audience/Dream 100.

Your Dream 100 are the people, experts, influencers, and brands in your market that have already congregated your dream customers.


The four main areas of the platform

Your personal profile your home– as you work your way in. For example: going out commenting on people post joining groups and the posting content and more the friends and followers of your dream hundred will check your profile and they will join your funnel.

Your fan page your show – Here you run ads for your content or boost it so it can reach to your dream 100.

Groups (your hangout)— This is where you throw your own social networking party and build relationships with your tribe.

Messenger (your distribution channel)—This is one of the most powerful distribution channels that you have to get your message quickly to your most hyperactive followers.

Let’s talk this in detail

Getting your profile set up correctly:

Your cover photo: You can design and upload a cover photo that represents you and your brand. It’s an image that your visitors will be able to see and know that they’re in the right place. Do not put a CTA on your cover photo, as this screams that you are trying to sell something on your personal page.

Intro section (your business card): In the intro section of your profile, you’re able to tell a little bit about yourself.

Featured Image: You can feature an image from a post you’ve made here.

Your Fan Page Strategy (Buying Your Way In)- Think of your Facebook page as the Facebook version of your website. Author treat this page very carefully. He only put the most curated and the best content on this page. It is the first impression for anyone who sees your paid ads.

The key is to post things that you believe will get high engagement from your fans. If your engagement is low, it will make all your posts across your Page go down, but if a piece of content you post has high engagement, then everything will go up.

Your Groups Strategy (Your Hangout)-
Facebook wants people to build groups, and as of this writing, they are rewarding people for doing it. It’s a place on social media for your people to gather, hang out, and talk.

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Publishing plan on Facebook from the traffic secrets book


In this step we have to network with people who are congregating in different groups.

Join as many groups in your niche as you can until you’re able to reach  1,000,000 people.

When you join the Facebook groups you have to post only valuable content to get more views from the members.

All the members will check your profile and they will come to your profile


In this method you create advertisement to reach your customers . Author tells to produce content and built relationships before running ads.

In your fan page you can boost your content like poster, videos to the followers for your dream 100.


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Hope you learnt some ways to generate traffic from facebook.

Comment your views.




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