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The Content Marketing – Your complete guide for 2023

Oct 9, 2022 | 0 comments

Do you want to create content that gets shares and comments? 


In this blog you will learn to create content your audience loves.  


This article is helpful for digital marketers, content creators, and social media managers. 

In this blog, you will learn 


In this blog, you will learn the Evolution of content marketing, Your unique voice, The evolution of content, Types of content, etc.


Evolution of content marketing


Advertising needs attention and attention needs content. Without content, there are no ads. Ads interrupt people with commercial messages when people are reading.


Advertising exists because brands do not produce content. They leverage publications that produce content.  


When you get attention to your brand through content, there is no need for marketing for your brand. You can promote your content to get attention. 


Media companies that only sell ads are dying because ads alone are not enough for revenue.


When you create content it should save users time or money. It is vital or the content will be basic. 


Your unique voice


You are the product and content is the commodity. 


Your blog is a note taking app and collection of ideas in your mind. 


Your content evolves in the process. Get Feedback from the audience and write engaging content your audience loves. 


Building the blog is slow, but when you get traction the world will notice.  


Your blog evolves over time slowly and steadily. Your content, backlink, and audience grow overtime. 


Write a blog on single niche. The world is very big. No one wants to hear someone who has an opinion on everything. 


Creativity content or originality content? 


Writing need not be creative. You are not writing a novel or story. 


Non fiction is about facts and usefulness. Writing is assembled rather than created. 


You do not have to copy content from other resources. Learn it, apply it, experience it, see results and then write about it. 


Quality and quantity content should go hand in hand. Have a balance.  


Healthy content is boring. Unhealthy content is spicy and temporarily satisfying. 


Capturing and storing your content ideas 


Your brain is designed to generate ideas. Not to store them. 


You need a tool to store your ideas. Any tool is fine like Evernote and documents.


Want to know where I store or write my ideas?

 I write all my ideas in a new document. Just create a new document and write it. Have a look into it often. 


It is like your second brain. One place to store them all, with cloud backup.


Take notes from books, social media posts, videos and conversations.  


Do not make note of everything. Just what inspires you. 


Creating raw ideas into content 


You cannot just write after reading or consuming content. You have to implement and write your own experience.


Content improves on iterations. You have to rewrite your old blog posts with improved facts and usefulness to the users. 


Keep writing until you get the “bad words” out of your content. The “good words” will come out then. 


Public speaking helps in writing and writing helps in public speaking. Master the art of thinking clearly. 


The evolution of content


It all starts with a thought. Thought becomes conversation with people, tweets, and social media posts. 


Conversations become notes. With notes, you write blog posts. Blog posts will become videos.

A collection of blogs becomes a book(kindle and hardcover book). 

A collection of videos becomes a course.

A Collection of books and courses becomes a mastermind(having a community around your content). 


Types of content 

We have content types in 3 types of funnel


  1. Top of the funnel
  • Books/eBooks
  • Blogs
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Tools and apps
  • Audio podcasts
  1. Middle of the funnel
  • Online courses
  • Events
  • Subscription 


  1. Bottom of the funnel
  • Case studies
  • Testimonials
  • Webinars
  • Sales videos
  • Landing pages 


Consistency in content marketing 


It’s never about a single piece of content. It’s about writing consistently without having a gap. Love the process, forget about the results.


Anything you are learning or thinking can be a blog post or video. 


Start writing the way you have conversation. It is always easier to just start without having an end in mind.  


Remove the bad words from the content then add the good words. 

Repurpose and distribution of content

You can repurpose the same content for different channels. 

For podcasts you can read a blog post.

Make slides and make a video. 

Use the blog post as an email. 

Use the series of blog posts and mini email course.

A series of blogs can be converted as YouTube playlist. 

Use the series of blog posts to publish a book. 

Get feedback for every content type. 




Hope this article gives you ideas about writing content.  


Just create that video, write that blog and in process learn and improve your content.  


Comment your thoughts in the section below. 

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